Since 2008, we at Premiere Roofing have been proudly serving the greater Midlands of South Carolina. We are a family owned, fully licensed business that demands excellence from our employees and seek to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations through unparalleled service. Our goal is to provide top-quality roofing and home improvement services to residents in our great state of South Carolina. We don't want our customers to neglect their home’s needs due to budget restraints. Consequently, we ensure our services are affordable, without lacking in quality.

At Premiere Roofing, we hold the distinction of being one of the largest roofing constructing companies in the Midlands and surrounding areas. We’re able to take on any project, no matter how big or small it might be. Our experience and size also means every job is completed to the highest standard and is up to code. We do both commercial and residential projects.

Roof Replacement and Roof Repair

Roof replacement is a fact of life. After all, roofs in South Carolina take some serious punishment on a yearly basis from wind, hail, rain, heat and sunlight. A leaking or degraded roof is a danger to a home's structure, not to mention unpleasant to look at. We send out trained inspectors to look at your roof, then give you an assessment of what needs to be done. This might mean we recommend replacement of your roof, but could determine a repair will suffice. We offer various materials if replacement or leak repair is recommended, including rubbers and metals as well as corrugated fiberglass, composite and plastic materials.

Gutter Repair

You might not know it, but gutters are vitally important to the longevity of your home. They divert rain from your roof, which when left to its own devices can cause mold, damp walls and structural damage to your home. With gutters, the rain is directed to a place where it won’t harm your home’s structure. We at Premiere Roofing not only install gutters; we also repair existing gutters that are no longer functioning as they should.

Home Services

Not only do we specialize in roofing and gutters, we also provide other home services in completing your roof repair work, which are listed below.

  • Residential Storm Damage Restoration: Contact us when your home is damaged due to severe weather. We have extensive experience working with insurance companies to expedite the claims approval process and get your roof and home restored as soon as possible.
  • Window Replacement: Premiere Roofing also specializes in replacing windows with more modern, aesthetically pleasing and energy saving windows from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers.
  • Vinyl Siding: Installation of vinyl siding is yet another service we provide at Premiere Roofing. Vinyl is today’s most durable siding option. However, it doesn’t always have to look like vinyl. For example, wood-grain surface texture in vinyl siding can create the look of real wood with all the benefits of vinyl. Let us share our vinyl options with you to find the option that fits your tastes and needs the best.

Find out more about our professional roofing services and explore the different roof types we offer. Contact us to schedule an estimate or talk to one of our roofing experts about your needs.


Thank you so much for all of your help. Send in check via us post. Your team did a terrific job, were super professional and did a great clean up. Thanks so much!

Carolyn E.

Thanks to everyone at Premiere. Y'all are great!

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Roof tips
Dec 01

We all have a little Clark Griswold in us -- that inner voice that tells us that no risk is too big when it comes to decking the halls with elaborate holiday displays. But life is not a National Lampoon movie!

Don’t neglect these basic safety rules when it comes time to put up your holiday decorations.

Electrifying Your Exterior?

Safety is a special concern when it comes to outdoor decorations. Avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Shock the neighbors with your creativity -- not yourself, with voltage. Avoid using indoor power sources, or having too many cords running from the same outdoor outlet.
  • Be extremely careful about where you position large rooftop decorations. If they are too close to power lines, shifting winds or faulty fasteners could cause the decorations to make contact with the lines.
  • Do a test run on your lights indoors to check for burned-out sections rather than trying to replace them after they’re secured to the roof. Use a helper to keep the ladder steady when you’re ready to string those lights.
  • Don’t leave light displays running 24-7. Turn them off before you go to bed or when you leave the house during the evening.

The Great Indoors

Many of the same rules apply for both interior and exterior holiday lighting: Turn off all lights at night, and don’t climb tall ladders alone! In addition, indoor trees should be kept well away from heat sources. Menorah and other candles should be lit only when you can monitor them.

And, as always -- throw away those frayed power or extension cords!

Have any other questions about keeping yourself –and your rooftop-- safe and secure during the holiday season? Contact the experts at Premiere Roofing to arrange for repairs and maintenance.

Nov 17

Sun, extreme changes in weather, storms and more all take their tolls on a roof. Regular inspections by a professional roofing technician from Premiere Roofing will allow small issues to be located and repaired before they become much more expensive repairs. Ideally, inspections should be completed twice per year, both in the spring and fall in preparation for hurricane season and winter weather. Replacing any missing shingles, repairing holes in the flashing and/or other simple issues can often prevent major structural damage resulting from even small water leaks which can seep into your attic, walls and beyond.

What Occurs During a Professional Roof Inspection?

During your roof inspection, a roofing technician will complete the following tasks:

  • With the aid of ladders and safety equipment, your entire roof will be inspected for movement of any shingles, obvious signs of leaks and the overall condition of the shingles themselves, as these materials naturally degrade over time.
  • All gutters and drains as well as chimneys or vents with flashing or other sealers will be carefully examined for leaks, clogs and other problems.
  • The interior of the roof will be inspected from within your attic. The slightest sign of water damage (such as moisture, mold or tiny pinholes of light which are visible through the roof) can typically be spotted from this vantage point, allowing leaks to be traced back to their source.
  • A complete write-up of any problems will be provided along with a free estimate of the cost of repairs at your request.

Extend the Life of Your Roof with Bi-Annual Inspections

Weather conditions in Columbia tend to be extreme, increasing the importance of bi-annual roofing inspections. Working on a roof can be extremely dangerous and is best left to the professionals. Protect your own safety while extending the life of your roof by contacting the experts at Premiere Roofing today.