3 Common Summer Roofing Problems and What You Can Do About Them  

Slate roofs on the houses on Mont St Michel in Normany, France

We all have a roof. We all need a roof for protection from the elements. And, yet, many of us don’t think about the necessity of our roofs until they begin to malfunction. Here, we’ll look at three common summer roofing problems and what you can do about them.

Problem #1 The Sun’s UV Rays

Ultraviolet Radiation can dry out and damage shingles and roof tiles over a period of time. Eventually, shingles and perhaps even some roofing tiles will fall off, leaving parts of your home more vulnerable to further damage.


  • Purchase protective coatings specifically designed to lessen the effects of UV rays on roof tiles and shingles
  • Read instructions in their entirety
  • Completely cover your roof with the coating

Problem #2 Moss and Algae Growth

Moss and algae thrive in the summer heat. They can grow to cover large portions of your roof. Moss harbors moisture, and moisture causes roofs to rot.


  • Purchase a high pressured washer and ladder to clear off the moss and algae from your roof
  • Make sure to have a “spotter” whenever you attempt to crawl up to the roof

Problem #3 Low-hanging Tree Branches

Gusts of wind can cause branches to rub against roofing tiles. Branches can slowly chip away at the outer roofing layer until the outer layer becomes the inner, and your roofing tile is rubbed raw. Or limbs can fall onto your roof, damaging its integrity.


  • Purchase or use a saw and ladder to cut away any branches near your roof
  • Designate a “spotter”

Avoiding the Hassle

If you want to make it easier on yourself when it comes to roof maintenance and repair, contact us today. We can help you keep your roof functioning to its highest potential!

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