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3 Reasons a Roof Inspection Should be First on Your New Year’s Resolution List

It’s time to put a roof inspection at the top of your to-do list.

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When was the last time a roof inspection was on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Never? You’re not alone. Many homeowners only call in a roofing professional if something is wrong, or they are afraid they might have damage from a storm or other incident. But annual roof inspections are a good idea. Here are three reasons why:

#1: Find Undiscovered Water Damage

You could have water damage to your roof even if you don’t see it inside your home. A roofing professional will check your roof, including the shingles and flashing, to see if there are any signs of water damage. If you can catch it before it makes its way into your home, you can avoid the interior damage that comes with an exterior leak.

#2: Make Minor Instead of Major Repairs

If you have minor damage to your roof, it might require a minor repair. If left untreated, it can turn into something much more significant. An inspection can identify small issues before they become big problems.

#3: Make Insurance Claims Easier

A report from a roofing company with the inspection findings and the roofer recommendations can simplify the insurance claim process. The report includes the condition of your roof and any repairs required as well as an estimated cost. Your insurance company will love working with homeowners like you.

Happy New Year! Before you get started on your other resolutions, be sure to call a roofing company to be sure you protect your most valuable asset. Contact the experts at Premiere Roofing for help with all of your roofing needs, including your annual roof inspection

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