4 Ways Summer Weather Can Cause Roof Damage

Do you have roof damage? You might not even know if you do, or how it happened. It’s quite common for the summer weather to cause roof damage. Here are four of the most common ways it happens.

#1: Humidity

We all know the south is hot and humid in the summer. That humidity can pack a punch when it comes to your roof decking, especially if there is a lot of rain. If the moisture reaches the material under your roof tiles, it can rot and deteriorate.

#2: Hail

Hail is so vicious when it comes to your roof. Even small hailstones can damage tiles and flashing. It can tear asphalt shingles, dent and break gutters and downspouts, crack siding, and loosen the flashing around your vents and ducts.

#3: Wind

Normal wind speeds don’t usually damage roofs, but extreme wind and high gusts certainly can. When we get a summer storm that blows through, the winds that come with it can lift the tiles on your roof. It can also blow debris around that is large and heavy enough to cause damage.

#4: Heavy Rain

In South Carolina, we’re no stranger to rain. When the hurricanes and tropical storms come through, it can go from normal to catastrophic pretty quickly. The biggest issue with this type of intense water is roof leaks.

When there’s summer weather, there’s the chance for damage to your roof. Instead of hoping for the best, contact the pros at Premiere Roofing for a roof inspection and free estimate.


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