Are Your Gutters Ready for South Carolina’s Spring Pollen? Find Out!  

Spring Pollen

Pollen. For some of us, it’s what makes us sneeze and our eyes itch or burn. For most of us, it’s what ends up in our gutters. Pollen is small, fluffy-like stuff, but it adds up quick and can accumulate in gutters. That proximity to your living can exacerbate the sneezing as much as it can cause havoc to your gutters — it can become sticky in the gutters and hold other debris in place so it doesn’t wash down properly. Here’s how to tell if your gutters are ready for South Carolina’s spring pollen.

Are Your Gutters Ready for South Carolina’s Spring Pollen?

This question can be answered by answering a few other questions.

  • Examine your gutters, are they filled with leaves, twigs, or any other kind of debris? If so, your gutters aren’t ready and Spring pollen will worsen the condition with its sticky accumulation.
  • Are your downspouts clogged with debris?If your downspouts are clogged, then when it rains, the rain won’t be able to wash the pollen out properly and will just add to the clogging effect. Soon, you could have rain water and everything with it spilling over the gutters rather than running down the downspout as it should. Overtime, this can cause other problems to the infrastructure.
  • Are any parts of your gutters cracked, bent, or separated?If so, sticky accumulation of Spring pollen can aggravate the situation. When the pollen collects, it can hold other debris in place and the added pressure can intensify the cracks.

Before Spring pollen worsens, you want to check your gutters to make sure they are ready to handle the added pressure pollen can carry with it. You likely have two options after active fall and winter seasons: clean your gutters yourself or hire someone to do the gutter cleaning. If your gutters are damaged, you’ll want to get them repaired as soon as possible, too. Time is of the essence, so get outside and check your gutters.

Are You Ready to Get Your Gutters Prepared for Spring Pollen?

If you determined that your gutters need to be cleaned or repaired or are simply unsure about it, contact us at Premiere Roofing with any of your questions or to schedule service. We are here to service you and all your gutter needs.


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