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3 Helpful Ways to Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

Your residential roof is one of your home’s most crucial components, and it’s also one of your most significant investments. To maximize that investment, there are steps you can take to keep the roof in optimal condition to extend its lifespan and protect your property.

Here are three helpful ways to keep your roof in tip-top shape:

#1: Perform Gutter Cleaning

In many cases, homeowners do not realize how essential clean gutters are to optimal roof functioning. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage to your property. Scheduling a professional gutter cleaning twice a year—during the spring and fall seasons—will ensure your gutters are clean and clear. This enables them to effectively keep water away from the shingles and other roofing materials, preventing water from leaking into your home.

#2: Ensure You Have Proper Roof Ventilation

Roofing materials must have ventilation to protect the roof. Without the right ventilation, shingles can crack, curl, or loosen. Installing fans or ductwork in an attic space may be necessary to ensure proper roofing ventilation.

#3: Schedule Routine Roof Inspections

Regular roofing inspections enable you to catch minor roof issues early before they become major costly repairs. If you notice any visible signs of roof sagging, broken shingles, or structural problems, it’s important to contact a professional roofer immediately. However, scheduling routine roof inspections is your best plan of action.

Count on Premiere Roofing to Protect Your Roofing Investment

Whether you need roofing repairs, gutter cleaning, roof ventilation, or professional maintenance, turn to the experts at Premiere Roofing. Our trusted team will be there to keep your roof in the best condition possible all year long. Contact Premiere Roofing online to get an estimate or schedule services.

3 Maintenance Habits You Need to Keep Your Commercial Roof Within Warranty

Ensuring a commercial roof stays under warranty is crucial to a business owner’s roofing investment. Depending on the type of warranty you have, it may protect you against installation mistakes, roofing material defects, and, in some cases, high wind events. However, there are certain things you must do to keep the warranty intact.

Here are two highly important maintenance habits you should implement to keep the warranty in effect:

#1: Contact a Qualified Roofing Professional at the First Sign of Problems

Take a close look at your warranty, and you will likely find that it requires you to use a licensed, insured roofing company that meets certain standards. Then, at the first sign of a problem with your roof, make sure you only contact a company that meets the warranty’s qualifications. Using an unqualified roofer or neglecting issues may void the warranty.

#2: Schedule Annual Roof Maintenance

There’s no doubt about it, roof maintenance extends the life of your commercial roof, and many warranties require it on an annual or bi-annual basis. Make sure to know what your specific warranty requires and schedule your maintenance appointments in advance with a reputable roofing company. Doing so allows you to be sure you always have the professional maintenance your roof needs and your warranty demands.

Roof maintenance will include inspections that catch minor issues before they become costly repairs, so in addition to helping you keep your warranty coverage, regular maintenance can help you save on repairs.

When you reach out to our team of roofing experts at Premiere Roofing, you can have peace of mind, knowing we will use the right materials and maintenance process to keep your roof under warranty.

Contact Premiere Roofing today to request an estimate for roof maintenance or to schedule service. Don’t forget to ask about our extended roofing warranty and guarantees!

2 Shocking Ways Cleaning Your Gutters Can Extend Your Roof Life

Gutter cleaning can feel like a real hassle, but did you know it can extend the lifespan of your residential roof? A new roof is a significant investment and likely one you want to avoid for as long as possible. Keep reading for two shocking ways cleaning your gutters can help you maximize your roofing investment.

#1: Stop Moisture in Its Tracks

When your gutter is clean, it allows moisture from rain and melted snow to flow smoothly and safely into the trough, downspout, and away from your home. If it experiences clogging from leaves and debris, the moisture can remain on the roof’s surface, then soaking into the home’s wood or siding. A professional gutter cleaning will ensure you can avoid devastating problems like wood rot or mold.

#2: Avoid Accumulation of Ice Dams

During the colder months, dirty gutters can mean snow or ice melt refreezes and turns into an ice dam instead of flowing away from the home. Because the accumulation has nowhere to go, it can pile up on the roof, weighing it down and straining the roof materials. Cleaning the gutters in the fall before the winter weather begins will ensure the ice melt flows away from your roof, protecting it from a host of problems to the roof and the home’s exterior.

The expert roofers at Premiere Roofing are here to provide professional gutter cleaning services to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. We offer free estimates and reliable services that will leave your gutters clean and ready for whatever weather comes their way. Contact us today to schedule gutter cleaning service.

Commercial Roofing: Can You Cover the Existing Material to Cut Costs?


Commercial roofing is necessary but often costly. Some businesses might find it beyond them financially to do a full roof replacement. Though one might be necessary at some point, there’s a way to cover the existing materials to cut costs. Take a look at commercial roofing overlay.

What is a Roof Overlay?

A commercial roof overlay is just what it sounds like – it’s the process of putting new roofing material over an existing roof. The old material sits underneath the new roof.

How Does an Overlay Save Money?

One of the biggest expenses regarding commercial roof replacement is the removal and disposal of the old roofing material. The reduced time and labor can have a huge impact on your budget.

Types of Overlays

Some of the most popular roofing materials are available for use in overlays. They include:

  • Membrane top
  • Roof coating
  • Metal roof

Benefits of an Overlay

In addition to cost savings, there are other benefits to using an overlay roofing solution. They include:

  • Insulation layer – the old roof material acts as a layer of insulation between the new roof and your building. It’s an added layer of protection.
  • Material upgrade – without the cost of a whole new roof, you can take advantage of a materials upgrade. You can add things such as UV protection or a more reflective surface.
  • Enhance roof durability – by adding stronger materials as the overlay you can boost the durability of your existing roof.

Do you want to save money while taking care of your aging or damaged commercial roof? Contact Premiere Roofing to find out if your roof qualifies for this money-saving roof improvement.

4 Money-Saving Tips to Reduce the Cost of Replacing Your Old Roof

Do you need roof replacement? It can carry a hefty price tag, but it protects your home, and it’s important to do it when necessary. The good news is there are ways to save money. Take a look at four tips to reduce the cost of replacing your old roof.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to Your Timing

Is your roof nearing the end of its life expectancy? Most roofs last an average of 20 years. If your roof is nearing that mile marker, replacing it before it gets there can save you significantly. Damage occurs as the roof ages and breaks down. If you wait until the last minute, you could end up paying for damage below the roof instead of just the roof replacement.

Tip #2: Check Out Your Warranty

Your roof may still have a valid warranty. Before you hire a roofing contractor, check your homeowner’s insurance, home warranty, and roof warranty. It’s possible you have coverage that will pay for all or part of the replacement.

Tip #3: Get an Inspection

It’s possible your roof only needs repair and not a total replacement. A roofing professional can assess your roof and determine if the damage warrants roof replacement or if roof repair can get more life out of it.

Tip #4: Talk to Premiere Roofing

The best way to find out what’s what with your roof and to figure out a cost estimate is by talking to a reliable roofing contractor. The team at Premiere Roofing provides free estimates and trustworthy inspections. Contact them today for all the information you need on roof replacement.

Repairing vs. Replacing a Roof: Which is the Better Option for You?

Repairing vs. Replacing a Roof: Which is the Better Option for You?There’s a big difference between roof repair and roof replacement. How do you know which is the right choice for your home? Take a look at some things to consider before you decide.

The Age of Your Roof

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts approximately 15-20 years. Is your roof reaching that milestone? If it’s getting close to the end of its average life expectancy, it’s often more beneficial to replace it rather than repairing it. You might be wasting money on repairs to a roof that might require replacement soon anyway.

How Long You Plan to Stay

Are you in for the long haul in your forever home, or at least your long-term home? Or are you counting the days until you move on to the next one? If you plan to stay for many years and your roof is in good shape other than some minor damage, it’s often worth it to pay for the repairs instead of a full replacement. If you have major damage or an aging roof and you’re looking to sell in the near future, you might consider replacement to improve your resale value,

The State of Your Roof

The only real way to tell if your roof needs repair or replacement is with a professional roof inspection. A roofing contractor can tell if the damage is minor enough to resolve with repair or major enough to require replacement.

For expert assessment and service you can count on, contact the professionals at Premiere Roofing to schedule a free estimate.

5 Things You Should Know Before Making a Roof Insurance Claim

5 Things You Should Know Before Making a Roof Insurance ClaimIf you have roof damage from a storm or other issue besides age, you might want to file a roof insurance claim. Before you do, there are some things you should know. Here are five things to keep in mind when making a roof insurance claim.

#1: Understand Your Policy and Coverage

Take a look at your policy before you file a claim. Make sure you understand what’s covered and what’s not. You’ll also want to know what your deductible is. Not all roof replacement has coverage, so you’ll want to know what your out-of-pocket costs might be.

#2: Contact Your Insurance Company

The best source for information about your policy is your insurance company. They can assign an examiner for your claim. They will work with Premiere Roofing to complete and pay for repairs or replacement.

#3: Get a Roof Assessment

Premiere Roofing can assess the damage to your roof and determine if it needs repair or replacement. They’ll provide a written estimate with details on the work required and the cost.

#4: Work with a Claims Adjuster

A claims adjuster will work with Premiere Roofing to ensure the validity of the recommended repairs or replacement and to ensure your coverage is adequate for the work.

#5: Schedule the Work

Once you complete all of the insurance claim information and have approval, you can schedule the work. Be sure to only hire a company that’s licensed and bonded for your protection.

For an experienced team that can make the insurance process and the roof replacement low stress, contact the team at Premiere Roofing today.

3 Ways Winter Weather Can Damage Your Home & Roof

Winter Roofs

South Carolina weather doesn’t seem like a concern when it comes to the state of your home and roof. Even in our mild climate, however, winter weather can lead to serious damage. Take a look at three ways weather can affect your roof this winter.

#1: The Temperatures

Between the heat and humidity in the summer and the cold weather in the winter, your roof can take a beating. The change in temperature can cause the shingles to expand and contract, leading to cracking and loosening.

#2: The Moisture

Moisture can cause some of the worst roof damage. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice can all work their way into small cracks and holes in your roof. The moisture not only messes with your roof material, but it can cause significant water damage inside your home.

#3: The Ice

Even with moderate temperatures in the coldest months, we still get ice in South Carolina. Ice can lead to ice dams, which are blocks in your gutters, causing water to back up and leak into your home. It can also build up on gutters and eaves, leading to sagging and breakage. And ice can work its way under your roof tiles, shingles, and siding, leading to loosening and lifting.

Your roof protects your biggest and most important assets – your home and your family. Don’t let the winter weather weaken or damage your roof or home. For an inspection to find out if you have any issues with your roof, shingles, flashing, or siding, contact the experts at Premiere Roofing today.


Is Your Roof Ready for Santa?

Is Your Roof Ready for Santa?The holidays are here, and scheduling a roof inspection is probably the last thing on your priority list. But is your roof ready to protect your home and family this Christmas? Here’s how to tell if your roof is ready for Santa.

What Could Be Wrong?

During the winter months, roof damage can happen without you even knowing. Whether from rain, snow, ice, or simply the age of your roof, even minor damage can lead to major issues. Cracked shingles, broken gutters, loose flashing, and pooling water are the most common roof issues in South Carolina.

The Damage You Could Face

In addition to a compromised roof, damage can lead to other issues as well. The biggest concern is water problems from a leak that develops from the damage. If water gets into your home through cracks in your roof or space where shingles or flashing have pulled away, it can be catastrophic.

What You Can Do

The best way to ensure your roof is intact and in good shape is with a roof inspection. But don’t think this is something that’s a simple DIY project. A professional roofer has the knowledge and expertise to assess your roof and determine if there’s any damage that requires repair.

Will your roof be ready when the jingle bells get near, and Santa’s sleigh is coming in for a landing? Don’t take any chances or face unpleasant consequences from roof damage during the holidays. Contact the pros at Premiere Roofing to schedule a roof inspection before you deck the halls.

4 Factors for Needing Your Roof Inspected

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? If you’re like many homeowners, the answer is never, after the last storm, or when you bought your house. It might surprise you to know that you should have your roof inspected once or twice a year. Why? Take a look at four factors for needing those twice-yearly inspections.

Roof Inspection

1: Storm Damage

This is the most common and probably the most obvious reason for a roof inspection. Hail, wind, rain, ice, and snow can lead to damage that you can’t see from the ground. An inspection can identify the damage and recommend the proper repair or replacement.

2: Wear and Aging

Weather and time take a toll on your roof. Even if you think yours is in good shape, there could be minor issues you don’t know about that can lead to big problems if left untreated.

3: Leaks and Water Damage

One of the biggest and most devastating roof issues are leaks. They can result in major or even catastrophic water damage inside your home. Before it gets that far, an inspection can identify leak risks before making their way under your roof.

4: Warranty Work

If your roof has a warranty, it’s important to know that warranty work is only done after an inspection. Don’t wait until your warranty expires before making sure your roof is in good repair. Find out now if you should file a claim.

The average homeowner can’t determine the condition of their roof from the ground, and it’s not advisable to get up on the roof to have a look. Leave it to the professionals who can do a thorough evaluation with expert recommendations for any work required. Contact the team at Premiere Roofing to perform a roof inspection to catch any small issues with your roof before they become costly problems.

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