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Choosing the Best Shingles for Your Home

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Choosing the best shingles for your roof replacement or for the roof of your new construction project can often be a difficult task. There are several factors to be considered when choosing the right roofing material. Here are three things you should take into account before making your final shingle selection:

1. Style

The style of your home is one of the primary things to consider and will help you determine whether 3-tab traditional shingles, architectural shingles, or another style will help accentuate the characteristics of your home and enhance your curb appeal.

2. Color

Shingle color is another important factor consider. The color of the shingles you choose will not only help your home look its best, but may also affect your home’s internal temperature as well as monthly utility costs.

3. Material

Shingles are made from a variety of materials and the material you choose for your new roof can affect the lifespan of your roof, the look of your home and your utility costs.

If you think that you might sell your home in the near future, then that should affect the color and style of shingle you choose. Depending on the style and architecture of your home, you will attract more buyers with neutral colors that compliment your home, like tan, brown, gray, and black. You will want a roof that blends in with others around it if you are planning to sell at any point in the future.


Do you think you might like a certain kind, shape, or color of shingle on your house? Drive around town and see what those styles look like on homes similar to yours. Look at the homes and roofs in your neighborhood, look at your house color, and consider any limitations in your homeowner’s association and what they allow. Also speak with a Premiere Roofing representative to find out the differences in price and integrity between brands and materials.

Contact the Experts

Once you’re ready to start the process of finding the best shingles for your home, contact the experts at Premiere Roofing. You can see the different colors and styles of shingles available and we will talk you through the benefits of each. We will help you find the best shingles for your home or business. Contact us today!


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