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Common Reasons Your Roof May be Leaking 


Roof leaks are a frustrating and expensive affair if the underlying cause is not discovered and repaired in time. They can be caused by something as small as a rusted nail, but can result in huge issues, including hundreds of dollars in drywall damage, damage to your insulation, and costing you money and time repainting the ceiling as well as patching your shingles. Here are a few typical reasons why your roof may be leaking:

  1. Old age
  2. Roofing materials deteriorate with time and become less effective in resisting the harsh treatment they get from weather elements. Temperature fluctuations, hail storms, heavy winds and other weather conditions may cause roofing materials to weaken and crack over time, leading to roof leaks.

  3. Vents on the roof
  4. Any penetrations on the roof pose a big risk when it comes to leakage. Inspect the gaskets around vent pipes for gaps or cracks as well as missing nails. They might have been cracked by harsh weather exposure over the years.

  5. Accumulation of debris on the roof
  6. When debris such as leaves, twigs and pine needles build up on your roof, they can trap water against it and allow it to slowly seep in to the house through capillary action. It is therefore important to keep your roof clean for water to run-off quickly.

  7. Holes
  8. A hole remaining after some rooftop work can easily draw water into the house. A reliable rooftop contractor such as Premiere Roofing in Columbia, SC, will always inspect your roof after any installation or repair works to make sure there are no holes or potential leakage points left.

  9. Missing shingles
  10. Tough winds can rip-off shingles from your roof, leaving exposed areas that allow water to seep in to the house. Inspect your roof and have and missing shingles replaced.

If you have a leaking roof problem, contact the experts at Premiere Roofing!


Just want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did on my "sad" roof. It looks great & best of all, no leaks around the chimney. Bill was impressed with the post roof clean-up.

Pat P.