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Does the Color of My Roof Affect My Home’s Temperature?

colored shingles

Does the color of your roof affect your home’s temperature? The short answer is yes. Do you need a new roof on your home or business? If you do, you will have some decisions to make that you may not have considered. You’ll need to pick out the color and materials for your shingles, which may seem like easy decisions, but there’s more to it than just deciding what will look good on your home.

Roof Color and Heat

Although you may not have considered it, the color of your roof can affect the inside temperature of your home or office. The darker the color of a roof, the more heat is absorbed and transferred down into the building. Dark gray or dark brown will make your building warmer than lighter colors. The lighter a roof color, the more it will reflect heat away from the building, meaning your HVAC won’t have to work as hard to keep the interior cool during hot South Carolina summers.

Roofing Materials

There is a difference in the materials your roof is made from and the way it transfers heat your home or building. Asphalt shingles absorb and transfer more heat than most other materials, even metal. If you are changing your roof and your air conditioner is already working hard (and driving up your electric bill), then you might want to choose a lighter shade for your shingles, and also consider the materials used.

What Color and Material You Should Choose

There are no clear cut answers for what color and material a roof should be. You will need to consider what looks best for the architecture of your structure, as well as other factors like utility usage and home comfort. It may also be necessary to consider the rules and expectations of your homeowners’ association.

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