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Leaky Roof: To Repair or Replace?

repair or replace

Leaky roofs can cause significant damage to your home. Not to mention that serious leaks can lead to expensive total roof replacements. When a significant investment is involved, it’s always important to consider every option. There are two questions you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your existing roof.

How old is the existing roof?

If your current roof is more than 20 years old, repairing your roof is like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. Your shingles have a lifespan of between 20 and 40 years. Over time, the South Carolina weather causes older shingles to become brittle and damaged, causing leaks. Repairing the leaky portion of your roof may buy you a few weeks or months, but inevitably, your roof will still need to be replaced.

Leaky roofs that are less than 20 years old can often be repaired instead of replaced. Your Premiere Roofing expert will be able to find the leak and determine whether or not it can be repaired. You can trust that our professionals will provide you with the best options for roof maintenance.

What happened to cause the leak?

Even if you have an older roof, your homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of repairs or replacement if the leak was caused by storm damage. If your leak began after a major weather event, it is important to call Premiere Roofing as soon as you notice it. Wild weather often causes more damage than you can see immediately after a storm. However, our roofing professionals are experienced in assessing storm damage and can suggest the best option for your home and budget. We can also help you assess the cause of your roof leak to determine if you should file an insurance claim.

Don't let a leaky roof continue to damage your home. Call Premiere Roofing today for a free roof evaluation.


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