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6 Biggest Exterior Siding Mistakes and How To Prevent Them


Home siding can transform the look of your Columbia-area home, protect it and increase its value. New or repaired home siding can also create an appearance you'll love to drive home to each day. To get the best result from your home siding investment, avoid these common pitfalls of home siding installation with our tips.

Hints to Avoid Home Siding Errors

These all-too-common mistakes can compromise the appearance and longevity of vinyl exterior siding:

1. Skipping the underlay: Without underlayment, siding is less moisture resistant--and less resilient to bump and scrape siding damage (from tree branches in the wind, etc.)

2. Driving nails too tightly: Allow space for warm-weather siding expansion.

3. Skimping on nails: Too much space between nails allows siding to sag, or lift in windy weather.

4. Choosing short lengths: Longer-length siding makes the completed project look more polished, with less seams. Longer lengths also mean less opportunity for water to penetrate between siding and home, causing mold.

5. Overdoing overlap: Excessive overlap restricts siding expansion, creating a warped appearance. An experienced siding contractor provides meticulous attention to detail, including proper overlap.

6. Lining up seams: In the finished project, this creates a long, obvious line running down your siding. Instead, offset rows so seams don't line up.

Watch out for these pitfalls if you're installing exterior vinyl siding as a DIY project--or use the tips to interview prospective contractors about their methods. Of course, there's a simpler route to expert home siding installation! To ensure you get attractive and durable siding installation or expert siding repairs, contact Premiere Roofing, serving the Columbia, SC area, today.


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