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Signs of a Winter Roof Leak

roof leak

If you pay attention and keep an eye out for the signs of a winter roof leak, you may have a chance to get it repaired before the spring showers arrive. Here are a few signs of a roof leak you should keep an eye out for this winter.

Keep an eye out for these subtle signs. If you see any combination of these things, it’s clear that it's time to call the Premiere professionals to check out your roof.

  1. Stains on the Ceiling or Walls: You may see a brown stain on the ceiling that indicates water has dripped through your roof or attic. Look for these stains specifically around light fixtures or in the corners of rooms.
  2. Spots or mold on exterior walls: Keep an eye out for stains or signs of mold growth on your exterior walls as well. If there's something on the outside, there's a good chance that moisture has also gotten between the exterior and interior walls of your home.
  3. Intermittent dripping: As temperatures fall below freezing in the evenings and early mornings, water can form an ice dam on the roof. The pressure of the ice can force itself under shingles. Then, when the weather warms, that melting water may leak into your home. Check in closets and cupboards. Even if the dripping stops, you should still have the source of it explored.

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