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3 Things Fall Does to Your Roof, Windows, and Gutters

fall window

As the hours of sunlight shorten, the autumn nightfall brings us crisp, cool air. While that's usually a welcome change to people, your home will experience the change directly.

That means some extra wear on the roof, windows, and gutters. Did you know...

1. In changing weather, roofing materials will contract and expand, accelerating normal wear and tear.

Be alert for...

  • Bulging, sagging or bending anywhere on the roof. Note loosened roofing materials or worn caulking. Damp, dingy, or mossy areas may also form. Or you might notice sounds indicating possible wear at some section of your roof.
  • Wear and tear that's invisible. An autumn inspection is a wise idea. It can reveal issues early, so you can act, and prolong the life of your roof.

2. Your gutters will bear the brunt of seasonal change.

The Columbia, SC area gets our share of late summer Mid-Atlantic storms, inevitably impacting roofs and gutters. Then, as all's refreshing coolness shrouds your home at night, it causes some contraction in materials. Take precautions:

  • Note any stains or rust streaks, drainage moving where it's not supposed to.
  • Get your gutters checked. Make any needed repairs before winter precipitation freezes, haws, and further loosens them and creates mold hazards.

3. Fall temperature fluctuations can subtly wear the window seals down.

Premiere Roofing repairs the effects of seasonal wear and tear on windows:

  • We check the condition of areas where the roof or siding meets window frames.
  • We can also replace inefficient windows with handsome, modern energy savers in time for winter.

Well cared-for roofs, gutters, and windows last decades, maintaining the beauty and structure of your home.

Call Premiere Roofing at (803) 244-9428 to take care of yours. Or get a service estimate here.


Thanks to everyone at Premiere. Y'all are great!

Elizabeth J.