Commercial Roofing: Can You Cover the Existing Material to Cut Costs?


Commercial roofing is necessary but often costly. Some businesses might find it beyond them financially to do a full roof replacement. Though one might be necessary at some point, there’s a way to cover the existing materials to cut costs. Take a look at commercial roofing overlay.

What is a Roof Overlay?

A commercial roof overlay is just what it sounds like – it’s the process of putting new roofing material over an existing roof. The old material sits underneath the new roof.

How Does an Overlay Save Money?

One of the biggest expenses regarding commercial roof replacement is the removal and disposal of the old roofing material. The reduced time and labor can have a huge impact on your budget.

Types of Overlays

Some of the most popular roofing materials are available for use in overlays. They include:

  • Membrane top
  • Roof coating
  • Metal roof

Benefits of an Overlay

In addition to cost savings, there are other benefits to using an overlay roofing solution. They include:

  • Insulation layer – the old roof material acts as a layer of insulation between the new roof and your building. It’s an added layer of protection.
  • Material upgrade – without the cost of a whole new roof, you can take advantage of a materials upgrade. You can add things such as UV protection or a more reflective surface.
  • Enhance roof durability – by adding stronger materials as the overlay you can boost the durability of your existing roof.

Do you want to save money while taking care of your aging or damaged commercial roof? Contact Premiere Roofing to find out if your roof qualifies for this money-saving roof improvement.

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