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How Could Winter Weather be Affecting My Roof?

Icicles on roof after two days of snowfalls

Even though South Carolina rarely sees winter weather, there are still some things you should be aware of if it does happen to come our way. As your roof protects the belongings beneath it, it’s important to keep it in tip top shape regardless of the season. However, winter weather can bring forward new difficulties that your roof must manage to keep you (and your property) warm and protected during the cold months. Between the frigid temperatures, snow, rain, and other forces of nature, understanding what to look for in terms of roof damage can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we’re going to explain some of the many ways the winter weather is affecting your roof.

How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Roof

The winter weather can affect your roof in many different ways. Such ways it can affect your roof are:

  • The falling snow/ice can cause harm to the lower areas of the roof.
  • Icicles and ice dams are possible, which can lead to leaks on the inside of a home.
  • High volumes of snow on the eaves of the roof can be extremely heavy, which challenges the roof’s structural integrity.
  • Narrow eaves can be prone to ice accumulation, with can cause deterioration.
  • A low-sloped roof is prone to ice dams, which increases the chances of roof collapse and leakage.

Considering how dangerous a weak roof can be, it’s important to get your roof inspected before issues spiral out of control in the coldest months of the year. Thankfully, Premiere Roofing is here to keep your roof safe and in excellent condition regardless of the season. If you live in the Columbia, SC area, contact us today so we can protect your family in the future.

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