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Columbia locals are no stranger to roof repairs. The severe weather we experience can cause damage, big or small. Luckily, Premiere Roofing is just a call away!

There are several types of roof repairs including the following:

  • Leaking roof (is the most common type of roof repair)
  • Missing shingles
  • Holes in the roof
  • Storm damage

Leaking Roof

With the immense amount of rain Columbia, SC and the surrounding areas get, especially during hurricane season, a leaky roof can quickly become an issue. If a leaky roof is not repaired, the worst case scenario is that it caves in or a portion of the roof caves in, both unfortunate scenarios. Leaking roofs can also allow mold and algae to build up.

A leaky roof needs to be repaired as soon as possible, you never know when a new leak will develop and it may be just your luck it will be above your bed, while you’re sleeping.

Missing Shingles

You generally don’t have to worry about your roof losing pieces unless it is made from shingles. Roofing that is made of panels or large sections stay attached to your house, unless severe weather occurs.

If your home has shingles, be aware that they can come loose and fall off. Repairing or replacing a few shingles is not usually a big job, nor is it an expensive one. However, you should have one of our technicians inspect your roof to ensure there isn’t more loose shingles or there is a bigger problem causing the shingles to fall off.

Holes in the Roof

A hole in your roof, big or small, is never a good thing. Often times, large hail or flying debris will puncture your roof and leave a hole. Holes allow rain, insects, and even bats to enter your home. Then you not only have a roofing problem, you have a pest control problem as well.

Storm Damage

The damage caused from a severe storm, hurricane, tropical storm or tornado can be minimal or devastating. At Premiere Roofing, our roofers are not only professional and knowledgeable, but they are also understanding and compassionate. They take their time to explain all your options to you when storm damage has taken a toll on your home.

Often times, a leak may not be coming from where it appears to be, therefore, our technician needs to inspect the roof. Many times, the repair is quick and affordable. If the technician finds a more serious problem, then it can be taken care of before you have to replace part or all of your roof. Better to be safe than sorry!

Whether you’re located in Columbia, Irmo, Chapin, Lexington, Blythewood, Newberry, Sumter or Orangeburg, contact us at Premiere Roofing to come to schedule a time to do a free, no-obligation roof inspection. Our technician will discuss all your options with you, if you choose to have Premiere Roofing repair your roof.


Just want to thank you and your crew for the excellent job you did on my “sad” roof. It looks great & best of all, no leaks around the chimney. Bill was impressed with the post roof clean-up.

Pat P.
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