What to Expect for Your Upcoming Roof Replacement

Thank you for choosing Premiere Roofing! Below is some information regarding what to expect during the date of your roof replacement along with some helpful tips in preparation for the upcoming roof replacement.

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Friendly Tips to Prepare for Upcoming Roof Replacement:

  • We try to get materials and dump trailer as close to the home as possible and on gravel/concrete especially if there has been a lot of rain occur prior to the replacement date. This may involve moving vehicles out of garage for the date(s) of the replacement. If you could help us with planning for this, we would greatly appreciate it. The dump trailer will move in and out throughout the day so it is helpful if this space is clear while the replacement is taking place.
  • Please free the perimeter of the home from any breakable/valuable items and patio furniture. We use tarps to protect direct areas near the home. If you could help to have these items moved/stored in a safe place, it would be most helpful for the crew as they are working.
  • Have shingle sample boards ready. The foreman will be happy to bring these back to our office when the roof replacement is completed.

What to Expect on the Date of Replacement:

  • Dump trailer will arrive between 6-7 A.M. This will be dropped off and the driver will leave. There are several dump trailers the driver will be delivering in the morning.
  • The crew will arrive between 7-8 A.M. They will begin preparing the home with tarps and begin tear off of the current shingles on the home.
  • In the meantime, the materials will be in route to your home (if they haven’t been delivered already).
  • Your foreman will collect materials needed from our warehouse and will arrive shortly after to introduce himself, give you his business card, review specific details for your replacement, and answer any specific questions you may have throughout the process. He will be your main point of contact. Please feel free to contact the office as well if needed. The foreman will keep you informed of the status of the replacement throughout the day- if the crew is expected to complete the job or go into the next day.
  • On rare occasion, now that we have longer day light hours, the dump trailer may stay overnight due to the landfill closing at 6 p.m. Our crews typically work from sun up to dusk, so if the trailer does stay overnight, we will be back first thing the next morning to pick it up.
  • Upon completion of the replacement, the foreman will coordinate a time with you to complete a final walk through. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, so please share any questions/concerns with your foreman. He will be happy to address all questions/concerns at this time.
  • Once replacement and walk through is completed, payment for roof replacement can be given to the foreman. He will bring the payment back to the office for processing, and an invoice will be sent to you directly via e-mail.
  • We appreciate your business and value your full satisfaction for the roof replacement. In conclusion, if you would like to leave a review to share your experience with our upcoming homeowners, please share on BBB (Better Business Bureau) website, Google, and Facebook. In appreciation, we will mail a $25 VISA gift card to you.

At Premiere Roofing, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service to the people of the Columbia, SC area. Our courteous roofing crew is ready to put their combined decades of experience to work to get your roofing job done right the first time around.

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