Why Gutter Cleaning and Repair Should Be at the Top of Your New Year’s Resolution List


Scheduling gutter repairs should be the one resolution you keep this year.

Do you know the importance of gutter repairs? While you’re resting inside your home on a cold, wintery day, your gutters are busy transporting melted snow and water away from your home. Because of this series of channels and pipes, you don’t have to worry about Old Man Winter becoming an unwanted houseguest. Here’s why you should clean and repair your gutters as part of your New Year’s resolutions.

Leaky Gutters Lead to a Leaky Foundation

The gutters around your home have one job—to redirect rainwater away from your property. During a storm, water collects into the gutters and travels to a designated location. However, if you have leaks in your gutters, they can’t do their job anymore. Instead, water drips out of the crevices, pooling around your home.

Eventually, the excess water can seep into the foundation. You may notice dampness in your basement or flooding around the entry. Fixing your gutters now will help you avoid this costly situation later. After all, a working gutter system is the key to a dry, happy home.

Leaves and Bird Nests and Rodents, Oh My!

Do you know what’s living inside your gutters? It may shock you to find out. Go ahead – take a look. Creatures of all sorts want to escape the elements, especially during the winter. There’s no better place to set up residence than inside your gutters.

Clogged gutters impede the flow of water. They also become heavy and could pull away from your roof. Cleaning out your gutters each year is the only way to ensure the system can do its job.

Remember to keep your gutters at the top of your resolution list this New Year. The skilled professionals at Premiere Roofing offer reliable gutter and roof maintenance services. Get in touch with us to schedule gutter repairs with our experts.


Thank you so much for your willingness to help & being so prompt with the whole situation with my roof! It looks great!

Jim S.
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