Window Installation

Premiere Roofing in Columbia, SC is committed to installing high-quality windows in your home. You are provided with a selection of maintenance free, attractive, energy efficient windows made by the top manufactures in the country. Our highly experienced, professional and friendly technicians will guide you through the process of selecting the window(s) that are within your budget and a perfect match for your home.

Whether you are looking to install new windows at your home or replace a damaged one, there are several things to take into consideration before you make your final choice, some of those considerations include the following:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetics & Home Value
  • Damaged

The list above are the top four reasons you may consider new window installation however, it certainly is not a complete list.

Energy Efficiency

The outside temperature affects the indoor temperature more than you may realize. If your windows have even the smallest of cracks on the frame, your air conditioning and heat can easily escape leaving the temperature inside uncomfortable. In addition, to making your electric bill higher than it needs to be.


Who doesn’t love low maintenance windows that are easier to clean? With many windows there is no need for a ladder propped up outside a second floor window, because it can be washed from inside. The window can be tilted inward and cleaned. Other types of maintenance are not always that simple and require a professional such as:

  • Broken glass
  • Loose or sticky window frames
  • Foggy glass and leaky windows

Aesthetics & Home Value

Aesthetics are very important to some homeowners, the better their house looks, they better they feel. If you’re looking to sell your home, it is important that everything including your windows look attractive. New windows and or attractive windows increases the value of the home, and can make it much easier to sell and for a nice profit.

Damaged Windows

In most cases, a damaged window should be fixed or replaced by a professional. Let’s look at a few types of window damage.

  • Broken Windows
  • Cracked windows
  • Double pane windows – condensation build up

With all three of these examples of damaged windows, the window usually needs to be replaced. If your window has a chip in the wood frame of a piece missing from an aluminum frame sometimes a professional can repair it, if not a replacement would be necessary.

At Premiere Roofing in Columbia, SC we are not only expert roofers, but we also specialize in window repair and window installation. We are a family owned business that takes great pride in our excellent customer service and work. We value and understand how important your home is to your family. If you are considering having new windows installed, please contact us to set up an appointment for a no obligation to purchase consultation.


Thank you so much for all of your help. Send in check via us post. Your team did a terrific job, were super professional and did a great clean up. Thanks so much!

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